10 m Kit Birdline Pro Solar Box
13 בJune 2019
13 בJune 2019

Rat shield fuse box

The rat shield fuse box is a revolutionary system for preventing rodent damage to electrical and communication panels. Rodents, and especially rats, have a wide range of hearing. The system uses high-intensity ultrasonic sound waves to keep rodents and rodent rats away from entering electrical panels. The rat shield fuse box interfaces perfectly with the judgment within the electric panel and is designed to work in multi-stranded and wired spaces.

System Benefits

  1. Produces an ultrasonic sound-efficient beam with a range of 10 meters at a 180 ° dissipation
  2. Equipped with three high quality ultrasonic speakers
  3. On the back of the unit is a standard court interface clip
  4. The volume of the sound output and frequency of sound varies randomly in the range of 21-35 khz and 30-71 db.
  5. There are 2 indication lights on the front of the unit indicating the unit's correctness and the speed of the sound pulse output.
  6. 100% protection against rats and rodents.
To download the technical specifications in English click here
To download the technical specifications in Hebrew click here


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