Rat Control

Controlling rats or ‘rat disinfestation’, as it was called before electronic devices were introduced, requires a professional approach, experience and innovation. The main difficulty in controlling rats is due to their extremely well developed survival skills and high intelligence. Due to these learning abilities, rats do not repeat a mistake; they will not eat the same poison twice, making it almost impossible to rid of them. A rat that was "hit" once will not repeat the same mistake, hence making traps and poisons inefficient. This demands the use of more innovative methods for controlling rats and it must be preferable to get rid of them using Magnor’s Electronic Rat Control System rather than have to dispose of them manually.

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Rats cause more damage than any other pest or rodent. They chew on electricity and communication cables, causing a fire risk. They like nesting in warehouses and offices, especially within the cavity of lowered ceilings as well as places abundant with food such as private kitchens, catering kitchens, homes and farms with cow sheds, coops etc.

Magnor's Electronic Rat Control Systems are installed by certified technicians who make sure the system installed is the most suitable and effective for controlling rats in each specific area and situation. In most cases, rat control involves the use of various electronic elements, making the surroundings unbearable for the rats and getting rid of them within a short period of time. Once the rats have gone, the system's continuous activity prevents their return to nest in the area. The electronic systems also enable treatment to non-accessible areas such as plaster walls, double walls, lowered ceilings, wooden houses etc.

A significant advantage of the Electronic Pest Control System is the use of an ultrasonic system. This system activates high frequency sound waves which rats are sensitive to, making them flee the area. Unlike the toxic chemicals used in traditional pest control, these sound waves are not detrimental to the environment, humans or other animals.

Another advantage of this system is that the rats leave this hostile environment instead of having to get rid of them one-by-one, as done in some standard methods, using poison or traps. Apart from that, using the traditional methods, there is the unpleasant task of seeking out the dead rodents before they decompose and/or clearing the traps, neither of these options are desirable as they are both extremely disgusting and pose a health risk.

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