Electronic Pest Control

Electronic Pest Control

Each animal has its own way of moving around, its favorite habitat and its unique qualities, separating it from the rest. The more you get to know these traits, the easier it gets to identify the animal, locate its source and control it. Electronic control is the only active disinfestation method, unlike the passive chemical disinfestation that relies on the animal to act – consume poison or walk into a trap. The electronic control technology locates the weak points of each animal, actively controlling it without having to wait for its response.

The technology of Electronic Pest Control is based on a few major methods:


Many animals, including mice, rats, bats and pigeons, have a wider range of sound reception than humans, reaching frequencies higher than 22KH which is beyond human capacity. Based on this data, Electronic Pest-Rodent Control enables the transmission of ultra-sound waves in accordance to the relevant range of each animal's frequency. The high-frequency sounds disturb the pest-rodent at hand, making it flee the now hostile area, marking it as a dangerous and unpleasant zone, for example: rats and mice mark "danger zones" with urine.

Sonar Transmission

Sonar transmission is very efficient for bat control. Bats, especially fruit-bats, which are responsible for discharging their leftovers all around, are very sensitive to light therefore rely on sonar signals for navigation, the signals hit the surroundings and echo back to the bats as an image; this is how bats navigate in the dark… Magnor Electronic Pest-Rodent Control installs equipment that transmits the exact Sonar frequency of the fruit-bats, obstructing their vision by creating a black void, thus disorienting the bats, causing them to fly elsewhere.

Electro-Magnetic Field

Obstructing the electro-magnetic field is very efficient when it comes to controlling ants, as they rely on it to find their way around. Doing so causes the ants to leave the area, seeking a new point of reference from which to carry on. The obstruction of the electro-magnetic field has no effect on humans, nor does it disturb the function of any existing electric appliances.

Sound Waves

Some animals are sensitive to low-frequency sound waves. For example, to control pigeons, we use a system that emits intensive sounds which are tuned and adjusted on location by Magnor's trained technicians.

Electric Shock wave Tracks

Magnor Electronic Pest Control uses the electric shock tracks to control pigeons. When stepped on, the stripes release a pulse that causes an unpleasant prickle, making the pigeons mark the area as hostile.

Seismic Vibration

Seismic vibrations are especially efficient in removing moles from their underground homes. The device is inserted in the ground, transmitting vibrations to a pre-determined area, disturbing the moles, forcing them to move elsewhere.


Various forms of light are used to control birds nesting in residential and industrial areas. The light causes panic, thus removing the birds from the area.

Motion Based Control Systems

Systems operating on motion detectors (volume, radar) transmit various elements to control birds, bats, rats and mice, and are designated for pre-scheduled activation.

Solar Computerized Activation and Control Systems

All systems installed by Magnor Electronic Pest Control are operated by control switchboards, enabling pre-planned activation or customized operation for specific needs. All systems can also be operated on solar energy without being dependent on electricity supply

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