13 בJune 2019
RS 1800 – Control Panel
13 בJune 2019

Rat barrier

The natural habitat of rats in urban areas is mainly our sewer and drainage systems. Occasionally the rats manage to climb through the maze of our sewage pipes and enter our homes for offices and factories, causing serious damage and transmitting diseases. The Rat Barrier is a unique product designed specifically to block the entry of rats and other rodents into the sewage and drainage pipes, without affecting the flow of sewage, while blocking access to all rodents. The Rat Barrier is a human rodent product that does not harm rats and simply prevents them from entering our sewage systems.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Does not affect the flow of sewage.
  2. Easy to install on any standard sewer pipe.
  3. Designed and assembled for corrosion resistance over the years.
  4. A clean, environmentally friendly product that does not harm rodents.
  5. Can operate on a battery pack if necessary and without a power source.
  6. Operating voltage 12v.
  7. 100% protection from rats and rodents
  8. Designed and manufactured in Israel.
To download the specs click here



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