Rat shield - Rs 1800

The rat shield rs 1800 is a revolutionary ultrasonic electronic system for the removal of rats and rodents using ultrasonic sound waves. The system was designed and designed to work in server rooms and communication centers and generally in places with large volumes of shackles that span a large area. The rs 1800 distinguishes rodents from the spaces where it is installed and mainly prevents the damage of rodents such as milling and shackling.

System Benefits:

  1. can operate up to 180 end units (ultrasonic speakers)
  2. Equipped with a touch screen for easy and friendly operation.
  3. is able to connect to the system control system and alert the system or end units.
  4. test mode to check the integrity of the entire system after installation
  5. Designed and designed for easy plug and play
  6. Modular system - and suitable for any site with a large volume of shackling and wiring.
  7. Manufactured and designed in Israel by Magnor Electronic Pest Control Ltd.
  8. 100% guarantees protection against rats and rodents.
To download the technical specifications in English click here
To download the technical specifications in Hebrew click here

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