Bats Control

Unlike traditional methods where pesticides are used, this innovative method controls the bats by using Sound Waves, a language they understand. Bats have an innate echolocation navigation system; they transmit sound waves and map the area by the way the sound waves echo back to them. The advantages of controlling bats instead of using pesticides are keeping a clean environment, avoiding the need to exterminate and dispose of the bats, and most importantly – no use of harmful chemicals or poisons

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Bats are mostly night creatures, living in roosts that are nowadays found more commonly in urban and industrial areas. The ultrasound hearing of bats enables the use of Electronic Pest Control which transmits high-frequency ultrasound waves that are beyond human hearing capacity. The ultrasound waves disturb the sonar system of the bats causing them to leave the area. The ongoing activation of the device helps sustain the control, keeping the bats away for a long time.

Nowadays, the use of poisons and pesticides to control bats is considered environmentally dangerous, unpleasant and very messy. Due to the latest developments, Magnor Electronic Bat Control now enables the control of bats without disturbing or harming the surroundings. This green method allows permanent control. These facts together with the many advantages of the Electronic Bat Control Systems, have caused many to use this system instead of the conventional methods

The best way to remove these "creepy flyers” from a designated area once and for all, is to install the Electronic Bat Control System. Magnor's Electronic Pest Control Systems are installed on location by expert technicians guaranteeing complete bat control of the surroundings, whether it be a private residence or an industrial area. Magnor’s Electronic Bat Control Systems combine several elements in order to achieve the best and fastest results

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