BirdLine Pro strip HDPE-UV stabilized

birdline pro solar box
13 בJune 2019
Quick Connectors – for BirdLine Pro products
13 בJune 2019

BirdLine Pro 10m strip

HDPE-UV stabilized

transparent pressure strips on which conductive strips are sewn. The pressure strip is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and be in service for many years.

"Made In ISRAEL"
Pigeon free area 100% success rate guaranteed

HDPE-UV stabilized

The pressure strips produce a varied number of pulses that condition pigeons not to land on the strips, causing the pigeons to deter from returning to that area by classifying it as hostile and unpleasant.

The pressure strips are suitable for all of surfaces such as roof tiles, window sills, balconies, pergolas, etc.

Pigeon free area

100% success rate guaranteed

NEW!!! Effective and cost-efficient

Transparent and invisible to the eye, and does not interfere with the design of the structure


  HDPE-UV stabilized transparent pressure strip of 0.16 feet wide packed into 32.8 feet

The pressure strip kit is also equipped with 4 quick connectors

It is recommended to wash the surfaces where the pigeons land before applying the glue

Keeping unwelcome guests away!!!


The voltage across the pressure strip is not dangerous and does not harm humans or animals.

The voltage is supplied by a small 12 V lithium-ion battery using induction current coil technology that when touched emits a shock that is painful but harmless.

  • Single insulation  HDPE-UV stabilized transparent pressure strip, for all surfaces
  • Double insulation   HDPE-UV stabilized transparent pressure strip, for metal surfaces (advertisement boards, metal structures, metal roofs). Needs to be specified on the order form!


Easy and simple for everyone to use and install on balconies,

roofs or windows to keep unwelcome guests away


The perfect solution for your pigeon problems (can also be used for fencing or preventing animals from passing through)

100% success in solving your bird control problem

Made in Israel


28$ per meter

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